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Anthony Cumia net worth is estimated at 15 million dollars while he receives a huge salary.

a high profile divorce followed 7 years later and Anthony Cumia divorce was on the news at the time.

Today we talk about the man who is famous for ‘The Anthony Cumia Show’ and by the name of the show, most of you all might have already guessed that we are talking about Anthony Cumia.

But, he has also made headlines on occasions due to his arrest issues.

He was arrested on 2015 after a 26 year old woman posted video of him fighting with her in a New York Home.

JV and Elvis said Opie (Gregg Hughes) and Anthony (Antohony Cumia) aren't as successful as Howard Stern and that while Anthony is funny, Opie is "just a board operator." Opie replied, "Yeah, a board op who's on the side of buses and David Letterman's couch. Mark Chernoff, vice president of programming for WFNY, said after the exchange, "It's just radio. All hosts - Stern, Imus - have these kinds of exchanges. But Chernoff said Cumia's story was "compelling" enough for them to stay on WFNY until . Opie also said WFNY's parent, CBS, "wants me and Anthony to do 9-10 [on WFNY] every day." Elvis said later that when the call ended, he and JV were told to stop on-air discussion of it.

"I love all my hosts." The drama began with Anthony talking about how his girlfriend was committed and how he was working to spring her. WFNY is the lowest-rated major FM station in New York, though O&A are in the top 10 among their target 18- to 34-year-olds. Opie and Anthony” is among the popular shows in the radio that can be listened all over the United States and Canada that was mentioned by him.He has collected hundreds and thousands of listeners by the time due to his high popularity of the show.Cumia, started his professional career as a broadcaster from his comedic singing skills that was portrayed in the O. He then got a chance to work at the WAAF radio channel from 1995 to 1998. He worked on the channel from 1998 and worked there until 2002. After this, he built a studio at his home and these performances were downloadable.His most notable stint up to date has been The Anthony Cumia Show which has made him popular on the internet.Cumia is currently the host of his own show named The Anthony Cumia Show, an Internet based podcast.

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