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The majority of the following sites and apps are geared specifically for physicians although a few focus on connecting nurses, medical students and more.

All have been selected due to their quality formats, user friendly features, and an already established base of membership: Professionals in the healthcare field are some of the busiest people around and likely find the virtually instantaneous connections provided through various social networks for doctors invaluable.

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While doctors are rightly expected to show compassion and empathy when treating patients, it is undoubtedly a challenge to show this human face without blurring the boundary between professional and personal relationships.

The GMC has published detailed guidance on maintaining boundaries in Knowing how to maintain this boundary depends largely on a doctor’s self-awareness and their ability to judge the particular situation.

The guidance says cases will be judged "individually".

However, it adds that relationships are unprofessional if the patient is exploited, was vulnerable or the professional relationship was terminated to start a sexual relationship.

Around 7% of allegations heard at fitness-to-practise hearings in 2011 were with regards to relationships with patients.

As a doctor’s profession is defined by the duty of care to patients, it follows that standards of professionalism are entwined with the strength of the relationship between doctor and patient.A reassuring hug, for example, depends largely on the pre-existing familiarity between doctor and patient.You should also be aware of cultural differences and whether or not an interpreter is necessary.It is now practically ever-present in people’s lives, and doctors should be particularly aware of the risks.There have been numerous examples in the media about doctors revealing confidential patient information on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other forums, while doctors who fail to restrict access to their private lives – and the particularly unsavoury photographs or videos that are a common feature for some – risk damaging their professional image.But this relationship doesn’t just concern your clinical work – good communication, politeness and respect, and a caring, empathic manner are all vital components of an effective doctor–patient relationship.

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