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Not every woman that works in a bar will venture out with every customer.Some women won’t do short time and some won’t go out at all (sometimes if they say they don’t go out it just means they don’t want to go out with the guy asking in particular, other times they are virgins or have boyfriends or husbands they don’t want to cheat on).

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A long time (overnight) can run anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars.

Some of the super top notch women may not budge from prices much higher than this.

Drinks for customers cost a dollar or two and lady drinks cost about three and a half dollars.

Customers can talk, order food, play pool, or do whatever they want within reason. At any point customers can start inquiring about take out.

An oil massage gives the best chance at extras, since it requires that customers be fully nude.

Of course it’s most common at places with private rooms.

Some are designed for the sale of sex and nothing else, others serve up “extras” with the regular rub down.

The “legitimate” massage parlors all over the city, most especially concentrated in the areas tourists are most likely to frequent, do not endorse any kind of extras. But since massages run 5-10 dollars and the masseuse only gets half of that, customers can sometimes get more than a rub down by simply asking for it during the massage, assuming they have already made sure that masseuse is a consenting adult.

Customers decide whether or not to pay or try to negotiate.

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