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Alex Bobby Peru: I started posting the summer of 2002. I just realized I’ve been posting on SLAP for more of my life than I haven’t.

I became an admin when I worked at High Speed in 2012.

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How long have you been on SLAP and where does your username come from?

Neal Grimcity: I joined SLAP on Christmas Eve in 2005. I sorta fell off for a year and then got back on in 2006 and went with the name HATE!

How many dicks have been posted on SLAP throughout the years? One poster “cigarettebeer” was pretty well known for posting photos of his own wiener into threads and, if memory serves, he got a lot of compliments.

Grimcity: Probably more than you’d find in a stack of Playgirl magazines, but less than the archeological remains of the ancient Romans. Another old troll of the past “camocan” posted mainly about Batman and Peyronie’s Disease.

I actually learned what that disease is because of him.

It’s a disease that is related to scar tissue in the penis that causes painful erections.

Issac Randozzi: I joined in 2001 and became an admin maybe a year or two later. ”I just realized I’ve been posting on SLAP for more of my life than I haven’t.” What responsibilities do you hold? Some people really make a concerted effort in having several names, and sometimes they’ll use one screen name to support their other.

Also, if someone is banned, I can see how many times they try to log on.

The boards would be nothing if not a true madhouse if it wasn’t for the admins keeping the peace, putting shitposters in their places and dealing with people’s hurt feelings over any harshness experienced on the boards.

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