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A drainage system that flowed through what is today the eastern Grand Canyon emptied into the now lower Basin and Range province.

Opening of the Gulf of California around 6 million years ago enabled a large river to cut its way northeast from the gulf.

It is 120 to 340 feet (37 to 100 m) thick and grayish in color.

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Other sediments may have been added but, if they ever existed, were completely removed by erosion.

Such gaps in the geologic record are called unconformities by geologists.

Fluvial gravels initially accumulated in shallow river valleys.

They later lithified into a basal conglomerate that is known as the Hotauta Member of the Bass Formation.

This process of plate tectonics compressed and grafted the marine sediments in the basin onto the mainland and uplifted them out of the sea.

Later, these rocks were buried 12 miles (19 km) under the surface and pressure-cooked into metamorphic rock.Controlled floods from Glen Canyon Dam upstream have been conducted to see if they have a restorative effect.Earthquakes and mass wasting erosive events still affect the region.The resulting Granite Gorge Metamorphic Suite, which is part of the Vishnu Basement Rocks, consists of the metasedimentary Vishnu Schist and the metavolcanic Brahma and Rama Schists that were formed 1.75 billion to 1.73 billion years ago.This is the resistant rock now exposed at the bottom of the canyon in the Inner Gorge.The new river captured the older drainage to form the ancestral Colorado River, which in turn started to form the Grand Canyon.

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