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This amendment gives the agencies the time needed to reconsider the definition of “waters of the United States.” This rule is available on the Government Printing Office's FDsys website and on in Docket No. The agencies have also prepared a memorandum for the record to provide the public with information about the potential economic impacts associated with this action This memorandum, "Consideration of Potential Economic Impacts for the Final Rule: Definition of 'Waters of the United States' – Addition of Applicability Date to 2015 Clean Water Rule," is also available in the docket.

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Water issues dominate the city’s website, which is topped by a link to a water use calculator to help people learn how to get under the 50-liter threshold.

For anyone accustomed to plenty, the picture is grim: Taking a two-minute shower, flushing a toilet once, washing a load of dishes, and doing ordinary drinking, cooking, cleaning and tooth-brushing is enough to reach the limit.

Even with the conservation it has achieved, Cape Town is still using about 16 percent more water than its goal of 450 million liters daily.

Unless the city reaches that milestone, Day Zero might get closer, not farther away, Mr.

Now, after three postponements, the city predicts that it will reach that crisis point on July 9.

Even more striking, the city’s announcement of the new deadline, posted online, says that as water conservation efforts intensify, “Defeating Day Zero is in sight.”Cape Town has cut its water consumption to 523 million liters a day — about 139 million gallons, and less than half of what it was four years ago, before the drought began.

Cape Town residents have drastically lowered their water use, allowing their drought-plagued city to push back the dreaded “Day Zero,” when the system is expected to run dry, by more than 10 weeks.

Just three weeks ago, officials were predicting that Cape Town would reach Day Zero — a first for a major city in modern times — in late April, forcing its four million residents to line up at collection points to receive water rations from trucks.

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